Railo 4.2 Reference
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Displays execution time for a specified section of CFML code. Railo displays the timing information along with any output produced by the timed code.


Dieses Tag muss einen Body haben.



Diese tag kann auch innerhalb von cfscript verwendet werden
		[type="string"] {



Die Attribute für dieses Tag sind fest vorgegeben. Ausser den nachfolgend angegebenen Attributen dürfen keine weiteren verwendet werden.
Name Typ Required Beschreibung
label string No Label to display with timing information.
Default: " " 
type string No - inline: displays timing information inline, following the
resulting HTML.
- outline: displays timing information and also displays a line
around the output produced by the timed code. The browser
must support the FIELDSET tag to display the outline.
- comment: displays timing information in an HTML comment
in the format . The default label
is cftimer.
- debug: displays timing information in the debug output
under the heading CFTimer Times.
Default: debug