Railo 4.2 Reference
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Invokes component methods from within a page or component. You use this tag to reference a WSDL file and consume a web service from within a block of CFML code.


Dieses Tag darf einen Body haben, muss aber nicht.


		[webservice="string"] ... >



Dieses Tag hat eine feste Definition von Attributen (siehe nachfolgend), darĂ¼ber hinaus erlaubt das Tag jedoch weitere frei definierbare Attribute zu verwenden.
Name Typ Required Beschreibung
component any No String or component object; a reference to a component, or
component to instantiate. 
method string No Name of a method. For a web service, the name of an
password string No Overrides password specified in Administrator > Web Services 
proxypassword string No The user's password on the proxy server. 
proxyport number No The port to use on The proxy server. 
proxyserver string No The proxy server required to access the webservice URL. 
proxyuser string No The user ID to send to the proxy server. 
returnvariable string No Name of a variable for the invocation result. 
serviceport string No The port name for the web service. This value is
case-sensitive and corresponds to the port element's
name attribute under the service element. Specify this
attribute if the web service contains multiple ports.
Default: first port found in the WSDL. 
timeout number No The timeout for the web service request, in seconds 
username string No Overrides username specified in Administrator > Web Services 
webservice string No The URL of the WSDL file for the web service.