Railo 4.2 Reference
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spreadsheetaddrow(org.cfpoi.spreadsheet.Spreadsheet spreadsheet,string data,[numeric row,[numeric column,[boolean insert,[string delimiter,[boolean handleEmbeddedCommas]]]]]):void


The arguments for this function are set. You can not use other arguments except the following ones.
Name Type Required Description
spreadsheet org.cfpoi.spreadsheet.Spreadsheet  Yes  
data string  Yes Delimited list of values  
row numeric  No Target row number. If omitted, data is added to the next unpopulated row  
column numeric  No Target column number  
insert boolean  No If true, data is inserted as a new row. Otherwise, existing data is overwritten  
delimiter string  No Delimiter for the list of values. (Default is a comma)  
handleEmbeddedCommas boolean  No When true, values enclosed in single quotes are treated as a single element like in ACF. Only applies when the delimiter is a comma.