Railo 4.2 Reference
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Replaces occurrences of substring1 with substring2, in the
specified scope. The search is case-insensitive.


replacenocase(string string,any substring1,[string substring2,[string scope]]):string


Die Argumente für diese Funktion sind fest vorgegeben. Ausser den nachfolgenden Argumenten dürfen keine weiteren verwendet werden.
Name Typ Required Beschreibung
string string  Yes A string (or variable that contains one) within which to replace substring.  
substring1 any  Yes Substring for which to search. Optionally pass a Struct with key/value pairs to do a replace all  
substring2 string  No Substring with which to replace the found matches. This arg is required if the substring1 arg is a string  
scope string  No scope for the execution:
  • one (default): Replace the first occurrence
  • all: Replace all occurrences