Railo 4.2 Reference
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remove empty items at the and and at the start of the list


listcompact(string list,[string delimiters,[boolean multiCharacterDelimiter]]):string


Die Argumente für diese Funktion sind fest vorgegeben. Ausser den nachfolgenden Argumenten dürfen keine weiteren verwendet werden.
Name Typ Required Beschreibung
list string  Yes a string list  
delimiters string  No Characters that separate list elements. The default value is comma.  
multiCharacterDelimiter boolean  No specifying whether the delimiters parameter specifies a multi-character delimiter. If this parameter is true, the delimiters parameter must specify a single delimiter consisting of multiple characters. This parameter enables the ListToArray function to convert a list such as the following to an array of color names: red:|orange:|yellow:|green:|blue:|indigo:|violet.